Poem: This Morning, I Smiled #NaPoWriMo 20

Last night, I was happy when my head hit the pillow

This morning, I smiled when the sun hit my window

And I whistled as I started my day

Then people said what people will say

Then the inevitable challenges came my way

I laughed and said, Oh Hey!

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

I still haven’t learned this??


I will someday

Thank you

You relentless Way

Then I saw pain and horror

And I let it in

I held it tight

And let it be

And I took a small step

To make it right

I walked with a friend

We talked and then

It was night

And when I laid my head down

And turned off the light

I knew

That was a good day

And good days


A good life

I stretch and I yawn

And see another day gone

And I smile

As my head hits the pillow




About the poem:

Of all the things we learn, why aren’t we taught how to have a good life. Not how to chase a good life. Not how to make money or gain power. But how to have a single good day, every day, and thus, voila, a good life! (ps It requires no money, no special training, no friends, no good luck, no religion.)


About the poet:

Joan Gregerson is author of Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life.


Poem: I Could Be Happy

2014-02-05 Niwot Snowy Day (3)

I could be happy
If I had running water
I could be happy
If I had heat
I could be happy
If I had a daughter
I’d be happy
If I had meat

I could be happy
If I had the perfect house
With a separate room
For every kid
I could be happy
If I had a picket fence
And once I did

I could be happy

About the poem:
I used to think that if only I had that house or that <whatever>, I could be happy. Over time, I met people in those houses and with those whatevers, and they seemed to have problems too. What are you waiting for? Could you be happy? Now, for example?

By the way, this is a supercute house in Niwot, Colorado. It makes me happy just seeing it!

When You Want to Change a Loved One / PsychCentral article

Yep! It’s a strange and wondrous thing to learn that you can only change yourself directly. Then, and only then, maybe someone else will change. But that’s not up to you.

Now, deciding if you want to change, well that is up to you. Great article in Psych Central.


Poem: Generally Happy


God bless you
If your loved one is unhappy
Generally unhappy
The lonely unhappy
The after-the-party unhappy
The no-one-is-calling unhappy
The my-life-is-hard unhappy
The never-enough unhappy

May you somehow overcome the exhausting focus of trying to fix that all

May you find for yourself
The alone-but-not-lonely peace
The after-the-party gratitude
The no-one-is-calling quiet contentment
The my-life-is-good center
The always-enough serenity

May you learn your own way
May you find a way
To be
Generally happy

May you look with loving eyes on your loved one
May you accept her as she is
But still not give up hope
That one day
She too
May be
Generally happy

Poem: I Want Five Minutes …a wedding blessing for Saturday weddings!

This weekend my nephew Ben and my good friend Danny are getting married, but I will not be in Florida or Ontario for these weddings. So, from afar, I’m sending my wishes to them.  And to all of us in our intimate relationships, here’s hoping that we will find those important five minutes, here and there, every day…


Today, I’m asking you to share your life with me
But I really just want five minutes
When the alarm clock rings, I want five minutes
To remember
That you chose me
And I chose you
I want to rest my arm on you
And listen to you breathing next to me

And when I call you at lunchtime
I want five minutes
To hear your voice
To hear your laugh
For you to hear mine

And when we meet at the end of the day
I want five minutes
Without worry or complaint
Just a hug
And maybe a mug, of tea

And when we turn off the light
I want to notice
That we are side by side
That we are already here
That you chose me
And I chose you
I want five minutes
Or sometimes more

About the poem:
I wrote this poem in response to a request from my friend in Korea. I was honored to deliver the poem at the wedding in May 2013, translated into Korean by the MC. Here I am just before the wedding, with another friend of ours, getting our photos taken with the bride!

2013-05-25 Wedding 1381236052109

Poem: Little bit of dissatisfaction

2013-09-17 Sunset - Dissatisfied

A lover’s
Little bit of unhappiness
Little bit of dissatisfaction
Is a tiring
Heavy burden
For the long haul

A lover’s
Little bit of cheeriness
Little bit of gratitude
Is an inspiring
Set of wings
For every dream

About the poem:
We all know to avoid becoming friends with someone who punches us in the face when we say hello. What we don’t often realize though is how by being sensitive to someone’s temperament, we can learn a lot. Someone who is generally a little bit dissatisfied with everything, is likely to feel that way about themselves and about you too. On the other hand, someone who is generally a little bit happy about whatever is happening today, likely feels that way about themselves and about you too.

This seems like a minor point, the difference between slightly unhappy and slightly cheery, but can make all the difference, especially in close relationships at work or home.

Homework: ask someone ten times: How are you?
Graph the results (okay, you don’t really have to graph them!) Is there a trend?


Poem: City Park Picnic

The late summer sun was showing off
But the big old trees had seen it all before
The shade was plenty thick enough
For us to sit under
Side by side

The wide stretches of green
Were filled with
Soccer teams
And more soccer teams
Geese and more geese
Kids at the playgrounds
And picnickers
Like us
All in City Park
Side by side

Thick concrete tables and benches
With burgundy paint, fading and cracking a little
Covered by a bright red tablecloth
Held in place by
Gleaming bowls of potato salad,
Tupperware containers of cookies and brownies
Three-bean salad and
Side by side

The charcoal smoke gave the ceremonial feel
A smudge pot blessing
For travelers and their families
SIde by side

Mustard and ketchup
On burgers and buns
Balanced adeptly
On paper plates
Bending under the uneven distribution
Of sliders and salads
Side by side

Moms and dads
Brothers and sisters
Each at the perfect time
Sons and daughters
Boyfriends and girlfriends
Old friends and new friends
Sat side by side

The wind snuck in
Picking up plates
Then dying down again
No hurries
No worries
Eating aimlessly
Talking amiably
Fat and happy
Side by side

Then the rain came
Unconvincingly at first
Then believable
And we ran
Sweeping everything up hurriedly
Hugs and goodbyes
Fat and happy
Smelling of charcoal smoke blessings
We ran
Side by side

Poem: No Stinkin’ If’s

2013-08-03 Red Rocks Saturday Morning (2)

If, if, if only
I ain’t awaitin’ on no stinkin’ if’s to come true
If’n I just wanna enjoy today

About the poem:

In Korea, I used to see many women hunched over at nearly a 90 degree angle with osteoporosis, I guess. I wondered, do they think, If only, I could walk upright …then my life would be great. As I walked by, upright.

But when I got closer to them, usually they already looked quite happy. So, maybe they weren’t waiting around for any if’s to come true either.

I went through much of life thinking I could be happy if only …I had something, did something, was somewhere else. These days, most days, today is just dandy with me. No stinkin if’s block the way.

The photo is of Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado with the classic blue, red and green of my Colorado home.







Poem: A Happy Place

2013-06-05 BaekChunSa Temple Sacheon (1)


When you look at me

What do you see?

Is my face

A happy face?

And how does it feel

Sitting next to me?

Is it

A happy place?


About the poem:

Inner peace is outwardly obvious. I wrote a book about this! Buy it on Amazon and Kindle!



Poem: I Finally Asked Myself

How can you expect

a weak






teach her kids how to live

I finally asked myself

About the poem:

There is no short cut past self love. Without exquisite self-care, we have nothing to give others. This basic scientific fact eluded me my first 40+ years on the planet. Self love is the basis of all love, and must be the basis from which we make every step and every move, if we want to be a powerful, peaceful force of good in the lives of others.  Every day, I have to ask myself this question again to stay on track.

About the author:

Joan loves you and hopes you enjoy your life. She writes books and blogs about this ad nauseum. Books on Kindle and Amazon.

World’s Happiest Man? How meditation changes the brain and what you are

You know that exercise is vital to a fit body. What can you do to improve the functioning of your brain, and thus yourself and your life? Or even simply to be happier?

In an October 2012 article in the Daily Mail, french neuroscientists report their findings about possibly the ‘world’s happiest man’. Matthieu Ricard, a French monk, brain activity in areas related to compassion and happiness are highest reported in neuroscience history. The results are attributed to his meditation practice.

Ricard: ‘Meditation is not just blissing out under a mango tree but it completely changes your brain’  (Daily Mail)

Matthieu Ricard said, ‘It’s a wonderful area of research because it shows that meditation is not just blissing out under a mango tree but it completely changes your brain and therefore changes what you are.’

Ricard is the author of “The Art of Meditation” (an international bestseller), where he explains how to meditate and why he hopes people will incorporate it into their lives.

Even a few minutes of meditation every day can make a profound difference in your life. Fitting meditation time into your day is easy:

  • Gaze at the sky or a beautiful picture of nature.
  • Take a walk with the intention of appreciating whatever or whoever you see.
  • Take a few minutes of quiet time to start or end the day.
2013-02-10 Goseong Dinosaur Park

The ocean as seen from Goseong Dinosaur Park in South Korea