Poem: Limbnastics NaPoWriMo #17 Haiku

tree climbing kid-1737737_1920

forest gymnastics

searching, stretching, balancing

playground limbnastics





About the poem:

I was with friends yesterday in the park. The boys climbed the tree and I was thrown back into the many incredible memories of being in trees. The apple tree in our backyard that we’d climb up in and eat our PBJ sandwiches. The orchard of crab apple trees that were low enough for even little kids to crawl into. The trees in Costa Rica that we swung from the vines in the rainforest. What playful friends the trees are.

Poem: Dance it Off

Shoulders, chest, hips
Smooth slides, slips

Bump, bump, bump
Vine, turn, stomp and jump

Single, single, double
Keeps me outa trouble

Party Rock Anthem
All the Single Ladies
And Beat It
Metala, Sacala
Oye Morena

Young and old
Timid and bold
Gather in the gym
To punch it out
Dance it off

Sexy walk with an attitude
Cha cha, hip hop too
Belly dance, bachata
Beyoncé and Beach Boys

Whatever ails me
I just go to Zumba
Don’t be shy
Give it a try
When you’re not quite ‘on’
And dance it off!

About the poem:
I’ve been to Zumba class 6 of the past 7 days. Oh man, it’s just so fun to shake what my mama gave me. The classes are included in my gym membership with the Longmont Recreation Center, just at the good old Memorial Center and the Longmont Recreation Center. These classes are not a place to be perfect. Rather, come to be perfectly happy! Perfectly free to move it! It’s fun to see all different ethnicities, ages and styles out on the gym floor together. A lot of the moves are sexy, but it’s almost all women. Just dancing for fun!

I first learned similar style in African dance. Later, I found out that some of the Energy Healers recommend a jumping, freestyle motion to center yourself. Uh, that’s what I’m talking about! Dance con vigor, conmigo!

Poem: A Kid, A River …kids and nature are a perfect fit!

2013-11-10 Boulder Creek Ducks and River (31)

A kid
A river
An hour or two
Is enough of  a plan
Is plenty to do

About the poem:
Sometimes, it’s hard to get kids out of the house. Away from the computer, the TV, the phone, friends, and the responsibilities. But when we do, it’s so valuable. There is no way to catalog the bazillions of ways that nature is a healer. But you feel it when you go. As parents and adults in kids’ lives, let’s make it a priority to spend time with kids in nature.

This photo was taken at Boulder Creek, near the library. It was so fun to watch the various kids run up to the water’s edge and play. My favorite was a little 3-year-old boy on a little pre-bike who rode right up to the water’s edge, dropped his ‘bike’ and ran to the ducks. His shirt said, “Catch me if you can,” and his grandma tried to.


Poem: When invited in

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (26)

What can change a glass
From half empty to half full?
What can conquer the pain of loss
Replacing it with sweet memories?
What can sweep regrets away
Leaving a clean heart, a fresh start?
What can dissolve resentment
Leaving only love?
Gratitude can
When invited in
Gratitude can come in
And fix it all

About the poem:
I find that when I feel whiny and complaining, I have lost touch with gratitude. It’s easy to fill your day desperately longing for some THING to make everything better. Yet, have you noticed, that two days later when you have this THING, you can still find things to ‘poor me’ about? When I feel this icky uneasiness building, I can usually remember how cool things really are in my life. My job, my bed, my blanket, my lunch, my socks, my nostrils, my fingernails. The list goes on and on.

I’m seeing this particularly now, as our family goes through the process of acknowledging the loss of a dear family member. Each person has to make their own peace with regrets, unknowns, mistakes and ‘what if’s’ and so much that can’t be changed. Switching over to sincere gratitude is the expressway to peace.

Poem: God’s Country …a Haiku

2013-09-29-13.25.36 Boulder County Mountain View.jpg


Mountains, trees and plains
Fill my eyes, my heart, my soul
Home in God’s country

About the poem:
Today I moved from my childhood home where I was staying Denver to the town where we raised our kids, in Niwot, Colorado. Also home.

In my route, I left via highways, passing refineries and industrial areas, and came out on a small road where this was my view, 10 minutes from my new home.  And I felt an immense deep sigh of ..something. This something is when you feel you are part of nature, rather than part of man’s world. This feeling of being in God’s country. Ahhh. Let the healing happen.

Poem: Nature Time …a Haiku

2013-08-25-09.33.13 Red Rocks.jpg

Teach me to tell time
Not with minutes and hours
But with clouds and rocks


About the poem:

This morning while walking at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Golden, Colorado, I was moved by seeing and being in nature. Time in nature seems to transcend what I know about time. I use my phone as an alarm, or a calendar to set appointments. But seeing rocks that represent thousands of years, contrasted with clouds that form and disappear before my eyes, the combination of permanence and fleeting existence …I have no concepts to summarize this….nature time. I am unable to understand it, but I can feel the healing power, be thankful and be in awe.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes about how to tune in to inner peace and enjoy life! Understanding that nature is a healer, and seeking it out is a subject in her books, available on Amazon and Kindle.

Poem: Ferry Me


The ship accepts my gasping dream
Ten hours at sea
Ferry me

The breeze greets my broken heart
Sea air delivery
Ferry me

The night sky meets my weary eyes
Timeless and forgiving
Ferry me

About the poem:
I rode the overnight ferry from Samcheonpo to Jeju-do, here in South Korea. Nature is a healer, again and again.  This time, aboard the ferry, I had the chance to lay down on a bench and just watch the night sky. It was a clear, starry night …unusual for this part of the world where rain, mist and high humidity often obscure the view. And being out away from the city lights, the stars were magnificent. On my way to meet a friend, feeling the summer breeze and being absorbed into the sky, I was ferried powerfully to where I want to be. Feeling at peace, and happy, and at one with all.

Even when we were getting ready to board, it was refreshing to be with others, all of us having busted out of our daily rituals to make the voyage. The trip began at 10:30 pm Friday night. And with a bed on board, after time watching the night sky, I slept and woke up at my destination at 7 am on Saturday morning! Woohoo! The trip was better than I’d hoped!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books, hoping to ferry you to a peaceful, joyful life. If you haven’t figured out a way to get there, feel free to try the tips she has accumulated and shares. Books on Amazon and Kindle!

Poem: Namildae Spa

Namildae Spa


Sand scrubs my feet
Hot yoga as I leap from towel to shore

Seaweed fronds swipe my skin
Was that an instant facial?
I swim through their greeting

The strong hands of the sea roll me here and there
Working out the kinks
Again and again
They nudge me, Let go
Stop fighting for control

The sun works on my hair
Meticulously highlighting
A few strands at a time

The saltwater bath supports me
What weighed me down
Has been lifted
My spirits buoyed

Pampered head to toe
I’m left floating on my back
Covered only with a light blanket of saltwater

I gaze up at the blue  sky and floating clouds,
Who tell me gently
Don’t rush back just yet
Stay as long as you like

About the poem:

Life is like riding the bumper cars. You are gonna get dinged up a bit every day. So, how will you get fixed up? Nature!

Nature is the go-to healing power extraordinaire!

This month, as I transition from one country to another, from a job to the unknown, from dear friends here to dear family and friends at home… I know there are gonna be plenty of dings, and thus healing power is gonna come in extra-handy.

I book dates with nature, like others book massages. Same power. Free. Nature is so generous with her gifts. But you gotta go there. You have to humble yourself, submit yourself and say, yes, please, I want it all. Give me the deluxe package. I deserve it!

The photo is from this morning at Namildae Beach with Elephant Rock in the background, in Samcheonpo, South Korea.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about her ideas for how to enjoy life, focusing specifically on stuff she didn’t know when she was growing up or raising her own family. These changes make life easier and more fun. Try it? Books on Amazon and Kindle!


Poem: I Don’t Swim Alone

I don’t like to swim alone
The neighborhood dogs already know
That’s why they tumble and play
At the water’s edge
And wait for me

I don’t like to swim alone
That’s why the fish play near me
Popping up, flopping up
Out of the sea
Getting a giggle and a gurgle out of me

I don’t like to swim alone
That’s why the seagulls come
When I am on my back
We glide and float
As a team
They accompany me

I don’t swim alone

About the poem:

Today was Day 1 of my 31 day personal swim challenge that I just made up last night. I rode my bicycle to the beach, swam for about 30 minutes, drank a Pocari Sweat (great name, right! Korean energy drink) and rode home. (By the way, there are several family-run shops right along the beach!)

This month, I’m delivering myself to the arms of sea for my healing time.  In the water, I am at home. As I transition from South Korea to the US, I know from past experience, it’s big. I’m up for all the healing I can get. The sea is pretty big, so I’ll be  just fine.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson is a fish, who writes about what she’s learned in the past 52 years. Read more in her books, available on Amazon and Kindle.

Poem: Crying in the Rain …a Haiku

2013-06-25 22.18.47

Umbrella dripping

You’d have to get close to see

Crying in the rain


About the poem:

When I’m sad, I’m usually just tired, cranky or ungrateful. But, ask me about crying, on the other hand, and I’m a big fan! haha

For me, crying is releasing, healing and moving through something. And walking in the rain, I don’t even have to cry much because the world is doing it for me. With me. Walking in the rain, I instantly feel better! Whoosh! Letting it go!

After a good cry, then, I can talk to those that I am close with and do it calmly or cry a little more. Either way, I’m on the healing path.

About the Author:
Joan Gregerson lives in Korea teaching English and writing. She will soon be back in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, at least for awhile. Transitions always require letting go, and that’s what’s happening right now.

Joan writes about all this stuff in her books available on Amazon and Kindle.

Poem: Let Me Be the Bridge …a prayer

2013-06-16 Samcheonpo Sightseeing Cruise (23)

Where there is a gap
Let me be the bridge

Where there is a lock
Let me be the key

Where there is fear
Let me be love


About the poem:

Setting an intention is a skill that most of us aren’t taught early in life. Instead of worrying and waiting to see what happens, it’s more effective (and more fun!) to set an intention for harmony and understanding in all of our interactions.

After writing this poem, I’m reminded of the beautiful Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: “Let me be an instrument of your peace, …”

(The photo was taken on Sunday on a sightseeing cruise near my home in Samcheonpo, South Korea. I love how the mom has her hand on the baby’s head and is holding her son’s hand. )

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about how to enjoy life, sharing tidbits she has learned over the past 52 years. She is passionate about this: that love is IT, baby! Let’s find ways to do IT better together.

I can also say that although this a prayer, I have no frickin’ clue who the prayer is going out to. And also, I know that it works just fine that way.

Poem: Secrets Hold Back the Healing Waters for Awhile

Hold back
The healing waters
For awhile

The healing waters

The truth always
Finds a way out
Spills out
Slips out
Drips out

Your tears
Eek out
Sneak out
Leak out
Speak out

Let the healing waters
Wash away the past

Let the healing waters

Let the healing waters
Fill you up

You are not weak
It’s not about the leak
It’s about you becoming the
Reservoir of healing
We seek

2012-09-27 UnHungSa (15)

About the poem:

We are not alone in our challenges and imperfections. We are only as sick as our secrets. Healing awaits us when we are brave enough to be honest, forgive ourselves and others and be grateful for our blessings.

I found that one of the greatest benefits of attending a 12-step program was moving past shame. Hearing other people’s stories made me realize that what happens to people is a shared experience. We can learn from each other how to grow through it and how to heal.

Poem: Sunset Slurpee


Hold it right there!
I want to paint you
To capture you
To memorize you

The blues and blacks
Reds and orange chunks
Yellow and white streaks
Melting across the sky
Spilling onto the water

Wait right there!
I can’t find my brush
My palette is all wrong
Slow down

Swirling around
Dripping from the sun
Into the sea
I can’t catch up

Ah, I give up
I’ll just sit here
Dangle my legs
And kick my feet

Sip you
Slurp you
Suck the last bit from the bottom of the cup
And drink you up



Poem: Fairy Hands Massage …a Haiku

while wandering

the fairy hands massage me

working out the kinks

2013-04-10 10.41.00 fairy hand massage

About the poem:

Unlike running on a treadmill, walking in nature at any speed seems to do the trick. Walking slowly, going nowhere in particular feels just as healing for me, as purposefully heading to the peak.

When I learned meditation, I was surprised that the elements of nature are used in guided meditation, and meditating in nature is best. Duh! Of course, nature helps balance us.  But, I didn’t really think about it before. haha. Now I know. Nature is THE natural primo balancer, healer.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about how to enjoy life. tick tick tick. Time’s awasting, start enjoying! Her books are available in paperback and as ebooks on Amazon.com.

Poem: Rose-Colored Patches … a Haiku

JG Floating Patches 2013-04-17 15.50.19

Rose hips, hibiscus
Rose-colored floating patches
Mending what was torn

About the poem
Tea! So beautiful, varied, delightful, and flavorful. The whole process of selecting tea, brewing it, looking at it, sipping it …invites me to slow down and savor it. One pot and two cups. Sometimes, what can’t be easily talked about, can be felt and mended by a pot of tea.

About me

Joan Gregerson hopes you will find ways to Tune In to Inner Peace and enjoy your life! Her books and blog, facebook and twitter are all about helping those interested in doing just that.

Poem: Thread of love …a Haiku about loving detachment

Rope was too heavy

Attached now by just a thread

We dance together

About the poem:

Loving detachment is a tool we need to have in our relationship toolbox.  When we are stuck in a pattern that we can see is unhelpful, try and try, and we can’t break it, what should we do? Loving detachment is a misnomer because we are still attached, just lightly by love without all the goopy, controlling, heavy stuff we stacked on. It’s a way to let go of bad habits, let love alone be the connection for awhile. How? Stay loving in your heart! When you think of that person, silently wish them a happy day! Imagine wonderful things coming their way! Visualize them feeling better, healing, and thinking of you and smiling too.


Then get some help! Get working on healing what needs to be healed, so you can come back strong!

I once stopped talking for three years, then started again. It was a decision that shaped me and allowed me time to grow strong enough to have that healthy relationship I’d always wanted, but couldn’t get to whilst tangled up tightly in old, destructive patterns.

Being connected only by love is still love, and loving detachment is sometimes the necessary first step in renovating a rickety relationship.

Joan Gregerson hopes you will choose to give up worrying and enjoy life! Author of:

Poem: Gaksan (…take a hike with me!)


a poem from the book With Open Arms: Poetry for Big Love and Real Life

In town, my life is all manmade

GS-25, kimbap shops, and power lines

Waiting, rushing, looking both ways

Concrete, asphalt and flashing signs


But then there’s you

You are the backdrop of my days

Beckoning me, reminding me of something bigger

From here, at this distance you too

Look a bit grey

Like me and my town


But I know you now

I know that up close

You are a stunner

I walk past the bakeries and the HomePlus

And across the bridge, and the trash-strewn river

It’s here that I doubt myself

And want to turn back

But I know you now

You are worth it

I cross the busy street

And walk the steep road to your base

Now, from here, I see only you


Thank you for being here

My human friends aren’t around today

Chingu eopsseoyo! 😦

But you are. Chingu isseoyo! 🙂

And, you… are magnificent

Your brownery and greenery

Your paths and your scenery


Like a faithful lover

I fall in sync with you

And am still surprised by you

Though, I know you now


Ah yes, at the breast of this curve

The view opens to the pines and sky above

And here, I catch a glimpse of the sea


And from here, the town looks like what it is

The playthings of humanity


And now I’m at the yaksuteo

I don’t need to carry water, you deliver it to me

Right when I need it, mid-mountain, sparkling

I scoop a red ladleful and drink it, resting my mind


And on up, walking in peace

With every step, you heal me, soothe me,

Take away my rough edges and smooth me


At the top, I stand arms wide open

The better to feel you and thank you,

Gaksan! Chingu isseoyo!



Read more about how you can use “Nature as Healer” in my book Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life

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A Few Poems from the book…

I Can’t Make You Happy


I might make you smile

I might make you laugh

I can’t make you happy

But you can


Mama Africa

Granted, I don’t look like your typical one love Rasta

I’m about as white as they come…

I am of ISH descent

Irish, Danish, Swedish

I’m not cool

My graying hair pulled back with bobby pins and rubber bands

But when I went to Ghana

For the first time, I felt home

Home, like ommmmm, home

I felt grounded and centered and loved

In the arms of Mama Africa

I was welcomed to the family

To any family

Every family

Like a daughter

People greeted me

Sat with me

Danced with me

Sang with me

Drummed with me

Painted with me

Talked with me

Dancing healed my aching feet

Singing gave me confidence and joy

Drumming connected me to the beat of the people

The heart of the earth

Beating in my chest and in my hands

Now wherever I am,

I feel beautiful

I feel loved

I feel creative

Because this whitey fears nothing

Forever a daughter in the loving embrace


Mama Africa


I’m holding on to you tightly

I’ve got the same grip

As a toddler who

Latches on to mom’s leg

So, you’re saying

It’s hard to walk

When I do that?

I’m analyzing your every word.

And every syllable

Gives me new ways

To doubt your love

So, you’re saying

It’s hard to talk

When I do that?

I Ain’t No Jesus

I ain’t no Jesus

But, I would like to be


I never wanted to be a nun

Much less a priest

I didn’t want to grow up to be a saint

like my sisters did

I didn’t like going to church when I was young

And going again is not in my plans

And still, I don’t want to read any holy books

Or travel to any holy lands

But I just want to BE Jesus. Or Jesus-ish.

I want to have Jesus eyes

I want to do the Jesus walk

I want to have Jesus hands

And think the Jesus thoughts

But if you ask my friends

They’ll tell you

For sure that

I ain’t no Jesus

But, I want to be