Poem: Rolling in the grass #NaPoWriMo 24


Flinging open the patio door

A flash of fur

Asleep no more

Head and back and ears and taily

Arms and legs and nose and belly

Every part must get a rub

The lawn is better than a tub

After napping all morning

And sitting on my ass

I shake off being lonely

By rolling in the grass

Kick and squirm, arch and wriggle

Others watching may start to giggle

Your derision is unfounded

Every part of me is grounded

Instead of meditating on your ass

You could be like me

Rolling in the grass



About the poem:

My dog sittee was phenomenal at doing a minute-long roll in the grass when I let him out! I love teaching the technique of lying on the grass to get instantly grounded, when anxiety strikes. Who knew, ZingZing is a master!

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I can’t remember why

I was on my way somewhere
But I can’t remember why
I was worried about some detail
But now I see only sky
I think I have a deadline
But now I feel alive
Lying on my back
Listening to the leaves
Should I go back?
Should I leave?
I think I should
But I can’t remember why

Poem: When Stillness Helps

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (2)

When I feel anger taking hold
Stillness helps
When I feel my words becoming cold
Stillness helps
When I feel ungrateful or jealous
When I act like a know-it-all zealot
Stillness helps
When I can’t fall asleep
Stillness helps
When I’ve dug in too deep
Stillness helps
When I feel I’m off track
When I want my life back
Stillness welcomes me home

About the poem:
Can I go on a rant about stillness? Haha.
But, the thing is, I didn’t have this tool as a young person. I found it after age 40. So, if I didn’t know about it, certainly others are in the same boat. Developing the ability to add stillness to your life, means becoming the master of your own life. Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

I still think it’s funny that in the most argumentative, probably unhealthy relationship, my boyfriend suggested we learn meditation. I argued with him about its value. (Then, I went to meditation class and it changed my life!)

Poem: Stillness

2010 May 28 Workweek1 Busan 003

Projects and deadlines
World-class boxing matches
Battling it out in my brain
Scenarios and conversations making laps
Like the Daytona 500
No one can work in this mess
Time out for stillness
Ding ding ding
Come back
Ready to take on the world
Ding ding ding
Ready to be my best

About the poem:
When I did a nutrition and weight-loss program years ago, I discovered that I often ate when I was too overwhelmed or too tired to figure out what I really needed to do. I was on a strict calorie intake and realized that when I felt like that, often, just taking a nap for a few minutes was enough to refresh myself. And when I learned meditation, I learned another way to escape the repetitive stress of anxious thinking. These are ways to make friends with reality: the first step in a peaceful life.

Today, I took a break for a mid-afternoon nap, before I had to tackle a complex project. It was perfect. I laid my head down knowing that now was the time for rest and later was the time to think about it. The ability to still your mind is valuable in ways that you don’t realize. Without it, the lack of focus robs you of both work and rest.



Poem: Compared to a Sky of Blue



All the emails waiting
For me
Are nothing
Compared to a towering tree

All the facts and figures
I know
Are nothing
Compared to the glistening snow

Proposals, deadlines and reports
That are due
Are nothing
Compared to a sky of blue

About the poem:
In my Sahaja Meditation class I learned that gazing at the sky for a minute was a great way to refresh and reconnect with the peaceful oneness. On these winter days, when it’s bitter cold, I’m not spending much time outdoors. But at lunch, I made a point to get out of the office and get a change of scenery. When I saw this tree, I stopped to gaze at it and immediately felt about 100 times better. Respecting nature as an always-ready healer extraordinaire makes life about 100 times easier. Haha

What tricks do you have for coming back to that calm, centered place in the midst of a busy workday?

Poem: A Few Minutes

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (23)

Let me take
Just a few minutes
Of my day
To simply be

A few minutes
Is enough
To notice
To see

A few minutes
To be still
To be full of thanks
Fills the bill

A few minutes
To fully arrive
To feel one with all
To feel alive

Just sitting
For a little while
Transforms a sad frown
Into a peaceful smile

About the poem:
Becoming a more powerful force for good in your life starts with a few minutes every day. A few minutes of peace, a few minutes to remember that all of our problems are small. That all of our problems are simply challenges designed to help us grow. After just a few minutes of stillness, you’ll be bursting with love and gratitude. From that position, you’ll know what to do next.

Put down your book. Turn off the TV. Set aside your computer and your phone. And give yourself a few minutes every day.


Poem: Steep Spires

2013-09-22 Cathedral spires

The steep spires
The stained glass
The carved statues
The old books
The unhappy people
Posed questions
They couldn’t answer

When all along
The answers I sought
Were in a patient part
I simply needed
To unlock the lock
And listen quietly
To a peaceful heart

About the poem:
I don’t have a religion, but if I did, it would probably be Buddhism. I like the idea that the main goal is to control your mind so that you can get out of your own way, and let the divine stuff you are here to do, happen! I was raised Catholic, and likely misinterpreted everything people tried to teach me. So, if that was part of it, I missed it.

I think life is at the core very simple. Love is the key. What makes it complicated is how to do that best in the variety of situations we find ourselves in every day. Others can give me guidance, but I do my best when I am calm and peaceful, and remember that I am here to love and grow.

I would hope that adults in all capacity teach kids (and each other) the idea of being responsible for having a peaceful heart, and learning how to do it. And there are many, many ways to do it.

This photo is of the Cathedral church in Downtown Denver. For years, what I remembered most about this church is that they served donuts and chocolate milk in the basement, whereas our home parish did not. See what I mean? I might have missed the most important lessons someone tried to teach me.


Poem: Crack in the Forcefield

Woop Woop
Captain, we’ve been hit!
Good juju levels are dropping
Dangerously low!

Status report?

Encountered a negativity storm
We had a crack in the forcefield
Losing power fast!

Oh, my bad
Let me fix that
No emergency here

About the poem:
As we move through our days, not everyone is a warm-hearted encouraging presence. Those that aren’t are doing their best, so we don’t need to get mad at them. But, we don’t have to plummet to that level either.

One purpose of meditation is to ensure that you are solidly grounded, and that your forcefield is in tact. That means that if you are around negative people or in negative situations, you don’t also become negative. The best course of action is prevention. But sometimes, we are surprised and suddenly feel that we were hit. The only danger is that you get swooped up in negativity, then spread it to everyone you meet the rest of the day.

When you get knocked off balance, just take time to get yourself centered and peaceful again. This may require canceling a meeting or an appointment, or just taking a few minutes to yourself before you continue on. Sit on the ground for a few minutes. Gaze at the sky. Walk in nature. Or find a few minutes of stillness however you can. That way, any unfolding emergency is quickly nipped in the bud. False alarm.



Poem: Meander

2013-9-06 Meander

A million thoughts run through my head
Too many things to do

The only thing to do
Is to take a walk
Be amazed
By every detail
Then sit
And be

I just know
What to do

About the poem:
I took many time management classes. Get your priorities straight was the takeaway. I agree! The best way I’ve found to make sure I’m on track with my priorities, my big priorities of my life, is to spend time in stillness. And/or in nature.

This week, I’m working on finishing up many old projects, job hunting, and seeing old friends.  It’s easy to get scattered and feel frustrated. But it’s also easy to get back in balance. I took a walk on the trails in my old hometown. I took my camera and took many photographs. Then on this tiny footbridge, I sat.

I pared my to-do list down to a third of what I’d been considering, and had a very lovely day!

About the author:
Finding inner peace in every step is the key to a happy life. Read about in my books on Amazon and Kindle!


Poem: Big Bulgy Eyes

2013-09-01 Froggy Time

I stepped
You jumped
But then you waited
Big bulgy eyes
Gazing at me
Your mouth
Not smiling or unsmiling
You looked so perfect
Under that lily
I just had to sit
Near you
Gazing at your
Big bulgy eyes

About the poem:
On Sunday morning, as I drove home from a walk, I stopped at a pond. I saw the lilypads and wanted to see them closer. As I stepped near the water’s edge, this guy leaped into the water, then came up facing back to the shore, under this lilypad, and just kept his eyes on me. And so I sat and hung out for awhile with his (her?) irresistible self, and took this photo.

Leaving time in our day is they key to experiencing random miracles like this. How often can we attend frog guided meditation? Haha

About the author:

Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books about her passion: how to enjoy a more purposeful, fun life. Books available at Amazon.com and Kindle. She is available for radio interviews. More at http://www.positiveenergyworks.com

Poem: Peaceful, Powerful



When I am peaceful,

Then I am powerful

When I am peaceful,

Then I am Love

About the poem:

There’s no other way to do good in the world, than to maintain that peaceful feeling in your heart first. Then you can be the superhero of your life and others, with peace as the foundation of every interaction, every step.

Poem: Nowhere to Go

2013-07-20 Namildae Moon (13)

Nowhere to go

Nothing to do

I’m perfectly happy

Just sitting next to you

About the poem:

This poem was published in my book, With Open Arms. It’s kind of a mantra for me, to try to bring this unhurried, peacefulness to every encounter. When I succeed, it’s priceless.

This photo from Saturday evening at the beach embodied that feeling of just enjoying the moment. So many families and friends were camping and just hanging out.  Lovely!

Poem: The Silence Calls Me



The silence calls me

Loud and clear

Asking me to come

By myself

To be my Self

About the poem:

Spending time in alone in silence has a powerful, healing impact on me.  I tend to behave better, and have to apologize less. I feel more in balance and content.

I took this photo at this sweet spot along a road that winds through the rice fields of Samcheonpo, South Korea. I stopped here, on my bike ride home after a morning swim.

Poem: Wow, I Love Now

2012-07-30 Estes Park River (7)

Wow, wow!

I love now

Now that I know how

Now is always wow!

Wow, wow

How’s your now?

If it’s not wow

You can learn how

Start now!



About the poem:

I’m just a sayin’, it’s not that hard to enjoy life. 🙂 But, you may not have learned it yet. Most people don’t enjoy now. Wow! 😦

About the author:

If you want to start now, you are cordially invited to read my blog and buy my books on Amazon and Kindle. Wow!

Poem: Before you hit me …a Haiku

2011-12-22 Our Neighborhood (4)

Can you ask yourself,

‘Hmm, will this make it better?’

…Before you hit me


About the poem:

It’s not okay to hit a kid or anyone. Those who hit were likely hit themselves as kids. How can we be the ones that turn the tide?

Anger has no value. The Dalai Lama said it and I agree. I found that meditation helped me gain a split-second pause in my life. This gives me time to consider the best reaction, rather than reacting in anger and regretting what follows. How can we slow down?

I like the Sahaja meditation courses available as free downloads from freemeditation.com. But there are many types of meditation, so find one you like! Pema Chodron, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Louise Hay …and many others are awaiting you. They can help you make it better.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson knows that life and love are the same. When we aren’t fully loving, we aren’t fully living. She writes books and blogs about this!

Poem: A Quiet Hope …a Haiku


The caterpillar

Stops eating, stops crawling, then

Spins a quiet hope


About the poem:

It’s not continuing the same busy way of life that brings change. It’s the stopping, the quiet, the hope that things can be different …much different, much better. This is what allows the changes we seek.

Poem: A Happy Place

2013-06-05 BaekChunSa Temple Sacheon (1)


When you look at me

What do you see?

Is my face

A happy face?

And how does it feel

Sitting next to me?

Is it

A happy place?


About the poem:

Inner peace is outwardly obvious. I wrote a book about this! Buy it on Amazon and Kindle!



Poem: Discombobulated


Bumped into you

I’m discombobulated

Give me just a sec

To freshen up

About the poem:

In Sahaja meditation I learned about something I’d experienced a lot, but never named. That is, that when we aren’t solid, we tend to pick up negative energy from others. I think of it as having a leak in my force field.

This happens normally throughout the day. But when I’m dealing with an addict, a serious mental illness, or a confused intimate relationship, I’m even more likely to get out of balance.

There are two strategies: One is to protect myself before I meet others by balancing and protecting my own force field. The second is to acknowledge that it’s natural to get a bit unbalanced as I move through your day.

I can strengthen and restore my inner peace through quiet time, meditation, nature, music, dance, art, nutrition, play and exercise.

I like the idea of excusing myself to freshen up, because I don’t need to pick up bad juju then spread it around. When I’m not feeling peaceful, beautiful, it takes just a sec to freshen up.

p.s. Isn’t discombobulated a fabulous word!

About the author:

Joan Gregerson wrote some books for you! They’re on Amazon and Kindle. Buy them!