Poem: Grouse Goneby

Where once a greater sage grouse grew

Now a gaggle grow

Why would a gander wander

With a group of goslings in tow






About the poem:

This weekend in the mountains in Foxton, I saw something I’ve never seen in over 40 years of visiting. Geese in the field. We usually geese in the city parks, not in the mountains. Never before.

Climate change, my brother and I agreed.

I only remember seeing the sage grouse up and close once. It was a magnificent display.

In researching the Greater Sage Grouse, a footnote on the Sage Grouse Initiative website says:

Conservation: Numbers are declining largely due to habitat loss

Meanwhile the population of the Canada Goose population has nearly doubled since 2007

Like the rest of Colorado’s population. Canada Goose population is booming.

Colorado’s human population is expected to double by 2050, but we don’t have the water to support them. The human population in Colorado hasn’t increased as much as the geese’ since 2006 but it’s still pretty incredible.

It’s outrageous to me that we are dropping humongobombs on other countries and not dealing with basic issues right in front of us. These are complicated problems that we could solve if we worked on communication skills, science and community building.

Unfortunately, there seems to be little of that going around these days.

The showmanship like that of the sage grouse though, yeah, that’s alive and well.






Poem: Run for the Hills (NaPoWriMo 28)

Piles of pies and cookies
Surround me
And I’ve only got so many
“No”s in me
Just before the meltdown
I run for the hills

Then Mountains and trees
Surround me
I’ve only got to be here
To be free
Just relax and let down
I run to the hills
To be free

Poem: March Clouds


March clouds
Windy wisps
On a blue sky
Will you sprinkle a soft white glow?
Or are you really going to bury us in snow?

About the poem:
So pretty, I thought, on this 50F day. Then, I heard the forecast of an upcoming snowstorm or two. Wait a minute!


Poem: Spring Styles



Here I stand shivering
Not a leaf left quivering
Wondering what you’re whipping up
The clouds and storms you’re flipping up
Wondering what you’ll bring
Oh spring
Go ahead, take your time, but
I’m nakedly awaiting your design
Oh spring

About the poem:
This little tree looks so naked, standing on the plains. Days ago it was 60F, but this morning it was blustery and snowing. By sunset, this was the view. Does a tree look forward to new spring fashions? 🙂

Poem: A Ready Embrace


A ready embrace
100 mile smile
Sighs to me
Run, and Be Free

About the poem:
That’s what it feels like living here, where the front range rests upon the plains. Ready with big open arms, with a relaxed, expansive feeling that anything is possible.

Poem: The Way You Distract Me


The way you reach across and touch me
So deeply
So sincerely
The way you distract me
The way you’re always popping up
When I’m busy doing something else
The way you tempt me
The way you distract me
The way you attract me
Oh Front Range
Oh Rocky Mountains when you meet the plains
The way you distract me
You remind me of my ex-boyfriend

Poem: Pink Dragons

Ancient silhouette
In greying light
Pink dragons
Suspended mid-flight
Spew fire
Then fade
Into the night

About the poem:
As I drove home from work tonight, the sunset over the Rocky Mountains was stunning. As usual, but not unremarkable. Tonight, the mountains looked like a third-grade art project, a jagged grey border at the bottom of the page. The sunset’s orange and pinks blazed for a few minutes, and then were gone.  Someday, I might get tired of this view. But, I hope not!

Poem: Not Small Y’all

You are certain
That life is small
But I know
That isn’t true
You pound your fist
But I can not agree with you

I won’t argue about it
But if you ask me what to do
I’m gonna tell you
Life is not small y’all

If you can just
Look up from the tediousness
And frustrations
Of your needlepoint
You’ll see what I see
You’ll see that an eagle
Is swooping in
To carry you
On a flight
Of majesty
Over the snow-capped mountains
And lush green fields
After which
You will be
Permanently changed
For the better

Life is not small y’all

About the poem:
I am honored to have a few friends that I mentor. As I did for the first four decades of life, they spend a lot of time worried about the future, concerned about making bad decisions, afraid that they will guess wrong about their investments and careers. I can’t tell you what to do, but I do know that life is big. When we keep our head down fretting, we are missing the really big beautiful things life has waiting for us.

On the other hand…
I went to a show by Horse & Cart tonight at Paris on the Platte. Here Sean Paul Mahoney and others had written, created, dreamed up stuff, stood up and performed stuff that was sheer bravery in action …now that’s living big!

Poem: God’s Country …a Haiku

2013-09-29-13.25.36 Boulder County Mountain View.jpg


Mountains, trees and plains
Fill my eyes, my heart, my soul
Home in God’s country

About the poem:
Today I moved from my childhood home where I was staying Denver to the town where we raised our kids, in Niwot, Colorado. Also home.

In my route, I left via highways, passing refineries and industrial areas, and came out on a small road where this was my view, 10 minutes from my new home.  And I felt an immense deep sigh of ..something. This something is when you feel you are part of nature, rather than part of man’s world. This feeling of being in God’s country. Ahhh. Let the healing happen.