Poem: Limbnastics NaPoWriMo #17 Haiku

tree climbing kid-1737737_1920

forest gymnastics

searching, stretching, balancing

playground limbnastics





About the poem:

I was with friends yesterday in the park. The boys climbed the tree and I was thrown back into the many incredible memories of being in trees. The apple tree in our backyard that we’d climb up in and eat our PBJ sandwiches. The orchard of crab apple trees that were low enough for even little kids to crawl into. The trees in Costa Rica that we swung from the vines in the rainforest. What playful friends the trees are.

How To Overcome Struggles With Food And Control Your Weight (Free Training!)

After gaining and losing 30 pounds twice, I was depressed. I was skinny as a kid, but found myself as a fat woman. Over time though, I figured out a system. Linking spirituality, nature, inner wisdom and community, I realized that I just needed to eat the way humans have eaten for 10,000’s of years! I put this info together in a way that anyone can do it. You don’t have to waste decades frustrated, as I did!

My System Is called Food Freedom Naturally. And it’s Based On Six Principles Of Food Freedom in the Era of Processed Food.

You can remember these with a simple mnemonic that reminds you:

You are wise… U R WISE

Let me explain

U is for You!

Principle #1: You are wise! You are the expert on your own body. This system is not like typical diets that tell you what to eat.  To achieve food freedom, you must take responsibility for becoming the expert on your body. Start where you are right now, understand the continuum of options and decide what to do to eat healthier. You decide what’s right for you at each point in your lifetime journey.

FREE TRAINING: Watch the 1-hour video this week and start changing the way you eat immediately!

R is for Reverence

Principle #2: Treat food with reverence. We’ve all heard stories of how indigenous cultures have a ritual to say a blessing and even ask permission before cutting down an old tree or taking the life of an animal. That is reverence! And reverence allows us to slow down and recognize the efforts of all the people, animals, tools and elements that make each bite possible. And you’ll find it’s impossible to gorge on junk food while eating reverently! Reverence is a practice that goes way beyond a rote pre-meal prayer. Reverence elevates food to becoming part of your spiritual practice. And it recognizes nature and traditional ways as our teachers.

W is for Why

Principle #3: Focus on “Why” and “How”, then “What”. Most diets start by focusing on “what to eat”. But for lasting results, you need to be clear about “why you eat” and “how you eat”. Then, “what to eat” will follow with ease.

I is for Industrialized Food

Principle #4: Understand modern ‘food’ and food industry power. Food has changed more in the past 100 years than in the previous 10,000 years. Our ability to trust that food is generally nourishing is sadly a thing of the past. Becoming aware of food advertising, food engineering, and deceptive labeling are critical steps to being able to choose food that you can trust to be truly good for you.   

S is for Self-Mastery

Principle #5: Self-mastery is required for healthy eating and food freedom. In other times or in other countries, the culture supported healthy eating. But now, you must go out of your way, against the tide, to develop self-mastery around food. And because of the amount of food products that are heavily engineered, processed and promoted to be irresistible, we are all faced with learning how to overcome compulsive eating and food addictions.  We need to unravel our secrets, practice humility, self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance, and get support in order to break free.

Why struggle? I made this free training so you can learn how to break free!

E is for Everything and Everyone

Principle #6: We are all connected. Our food choices impact everything and everyone. With each bite, we are choosing the world we want. We are just a droplet in an ocean of humanity. Our food choices determine what happens to our global resources. For example, pesticides, topsoil degradation, ocean acidification, and decreasing fish populations affect all of us. Because we are one big family, one big organism really, we rise and fall together. Beyond our personal food freedom, we must work for nutritious food for all.

That’s it.

And no matter what diet “gurus” argue about low-fat vs high-protein, paleo vs vegan, claims about miracle powders or food tracking apps — the six principles in the program are the foundation you can count on to deliver food freedom naturally.

The problem with conventional diets is that they start too small. And as Dwight Eisenhower said, If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.  My system uses that approach.By backing up enough to see the big picture, you’re able to navigate the details with ease.

 If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it. – Dwight Eisenhower

These six principles are what took me from beating myself up around food choices to enjoying food, and maintaining a healthy weight and healthy body for over ten years. I no longer fill my days with worries and arguments in my head about food. I don’t flinch when I see my reflection in the mirror because I know I am a masterpiece of creation. I smile at my reflection in awe of this amazing body! And I’m honored to care for it through thoughtful food and lifestyle choices.

But don’t worry, I’m not advocating a super strict approach either! You decide what you want to eat, and this system helps you develop the self-mastery to eat it!


I poured my heart and soul into this free 1-hour training! See you there…

FREE TRAINING: Watch the 1-hour video this week and start making peace with your food and yourself immediately!!


Poem: Run for the Hills (NaPoWriMo 28)

Piles of pies and cookies
Surround me
And I’ve only got so many
“No”s in me
Just before the meltdown
I run for the hills

Then Mountains and trees
Surround me
I’ve only got to be here
To be free
Just relax and let down
I run to the hills
To be free

Poem: Steps to Peace (NaPoWriMo 11)

2012-12-01 Gaksan Hike (7)

oh no! oh my god! pathetic!
holy shit! those idiots!
accusations bounced off the sidewalk
and the street
and inside my skull

i know i must get out and walk
but panic is my place of birth
it’s hard to go

even though i resist
i pull my boots on
And i open the door
one step then another

Within seconds
the ranting disappears
one step then another
one step then another
one step then another



About the poem:

I’m lucky that I get to walk most Sunday mornings. I do it because I’m addicted to it and my friend is waiting so I go. But sleep and laziness always tempt me to skip it. I go mostly because I feel crappy when I don’t, and I feel much better when I do.

This is a fascinating article about how hiking reduces obsessive thinking and depression and how urban living increases it. Word!



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Poem: The Designer of Fruit

I would like to meet
The designer of fruit
Don’t know what she looks like
But I bet she’s cute!
A slice of watermelon…
Perfect composition
A bowl of cherries
Ready for a pie
Gorgeous color tones
She has a good eye
A tangerine
All puckered and bumpy
What a sense of humor.
She can’t be grumpy!
Cucumbers and carrots are fine
But fruit just blows my mind
The way a banana grows in thirdsThe way mulberries attract the birds
Who did all this
I’m just so curious
How can you be so sophisticated
And yet so mysterious
Whoever you are
Your style is absolute
Hats off to you,
O, Designer of fruit

Day 11 Poem a Day, National Poetry Writing Month

Poem: Dripping …an ode to spring snow

2015-04-03 Spring snow

I know
You snow
You’re here
But you’ll go

About the poem:

What a way to be greeted today!

Day 3 of National Poetry Writing Month’s Poem a Day

I can’t remember why

I was on my way somewhere
But I can’t remember why
I was worried about some detail
But now I see only sky
I think I have a deadline
But now I feel alive
Lying on my back
Listening to the leaves
Should I go back?
Should I leave?
I think I should
But I can’t remember why

Poem: Celestial Being…an ode to the Supermoon

I can’t get away
You’re a neon sign that says, It’s gonna be ok.
Tonight, it’s all okaaaaay.
Perfectly swirled
It’s ok in my world
A soft shining pillow to lay by head
Who needs a bed?
Stay in the park
Embraced by the dark
What do you want?
What do you hide?
There you glide
No agenda
No needs
Pull me up
Fill me up
Smooth me out
Calm me down
And seeing
Is believing
So this is
Celestial being

About the poem
This moon has got me. So damn alluring! How about you?

Poem: Diligence


Diligence, intelligence, brilliance
Scouring each strand of time
Burying myself alive

About the poem:
This morning I stopped on my way back from Denver near Niwot. A bull sat and a dozen horses strolled lazily, while this ladybug in this thistle was on a mission. Eating aphids? But together, the ladybug and thistle were this amazing in-sync proof of beauty.

I used to assess the day and comment on the good and bad, but didn’t take responsibility for making it so. It takes effort to accept reality fully, to feel one with all and find beauty in each moment. But it’s so worth the diligence.


Poem: Kids aren’t stupid, you know

“Kids aren’t stupid, you know,” he said.

They notice what’s happening to the earth
And they’re not impressed
With our mad skills
Of protecting jobs rather than air and water
Of being polite rather than being wise
Of being political rather than being brave
Our mad skills

Kids aren’t stupid, you know
They’re not afraid to say it’s not okay
To create pollution and toxic chemicals
To destroy nature in the pursuit of money

They’re not afraid to say it
But we are

Kids aren’t stupid, you know
They see right through our bluff
Right through our plans and rationalizing

And they’re not afraid to say so
But we are

Kids aren’t stupid, you know


Poem: Above It All

wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.47.04.jpg.jpg wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.47.32.jpg.jpg wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-29-14.52.07.jpg.jpg
Saturday morning
I’m zipping around
Ticking off errands
The post office and the grocery store
The hardware store, the mall
Checking my watch
When I look up
The Rocky Mountains
Won’t let me forget them
Wherever I go
They stand
Above it all

About the poem:
The number of ways that nature heals us and centers us is innumerable. One sure way is to contrast the consumeristic stew that we live in, in our cities, with nature’s self-sustaining cycles of life.

When I moved to Korea and lived in Busan, it was the first time that my daily view (other than the sky) was primarily manmade. I often felt lost and didn’t realize the grounding power of nature that I’d grown up with and become accustomed to in Colorado. I notice and thank the mountains for constantly reminding me how short our time is here. This sense of geological time helps put my to-do list into perspective and focus on the important things in life. Namely, love in it’s many forms.

Poem: My father’s view …the view from Frederick, Colorado 100 years later

2014-01-30 Frederick Magnie Homes (11)

One hundred years ago
You played right here
You and your brother
Chasing each other
Working and playing
Singing and praying

The fields stretch to the east
As far as the eye can see
The hills stretch north and south
As far as the eye can see
I didn’t know why your family lived here
But now
One hundred years later
I can see

About the poem:
My father and his brother grew up in a house their father built, east of Frederick, Colorado. And as much as things have changed over time, with houses and oil wells popping up and drilling down, the view is still largely dominated by the natural landscape. My view must have been nearly exactly their view, 100 years ago. And that is deeply satisfying. I know little of his childhood years. I know they had a farm and lost it. But seeing the beauty of that view, it seemed that nature was there to console them, as it consoles me.

Poem: Plein Air



Ikea has no idea
No museum’s art is no more contemporary
Than this sky
Right now
Experiments with shades and hues
Oranges and blues
The canvas above me
Surrounding me
All-arounding me
Art du jour
A study
A series
By a master
On display
Plein air art
Gracefully mounted
In my heart

About the poem:
I only found out recently that there is a thing called “plein air” art, that is painting outside. Today, as I made my way home from Zumba, I wondered why do we strive to find and buy pretty stuff, when we can simply look up.

What a show! With the front range stretching for 100 miles from north to south, it’s impossible to capture it in a photo, but yep, I’ve got it in my heart.



Poem: Spring Snow …a Haiku


Huge buttery flakes
Silent frosting overtakes
Only to melt away

About the poem:
Not technically spring yet, but we are having some spring weather. In Colorado, that means in the same week, high 16F, high 65F, big fat sloppy snowstorm, then high 60F again. When the snow fell yesterday, it was the kind where people walk into stores with quarter-size snowflakes lilting on their hair. When I was taking pictures, the big flakes were melting faster than I could focus on them. Fun!

Gotta love it! Do you?

Poem: Compared to a Sky of Blue



All the emails waiting
For me
Are nothing
Compared to a towering tree

All the facts and figures
I know
Are nothing
Compared to the glistening snow

Proposals, deadlines and reports
That are due
Are nothing
Compared to a sky of blue

About the poem:
In my Sahaja Meditation class I learned that gazing at the sky for a minute was a great way to refresh and reconnect with the peaceful oneness. On these winter days, when it’s bitter cold, I’m not spending much time outdoors. But at lunch, I made a point to get out of the office and get a change of scenery. When I saw this tree, I stopped to gaze at it and immediately felt about 100 times better. Respecting nature as an always-ready healer extraordinaire makes life about 100 times easier. Haha

What tricks do you have for coming back to that calm, centered place in the midst of a busy workday?