Poem: This Morning, I Smiled #NaPoWriMo 20

Last night, I was happy when my head hit the pillow

This morning, I smiled when the sun hit my window

And I whistled as I started my day

Then people said what people will say

Then the inevitable challenges came my way

I laughed and said, Oh Hey!

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

I still haven’t learned this??


I will someday

Thank you

You relentless Way

Then I saw pain and horror

And I let it in

I held it tight

And let it be

And I took a small step

To make it right

I walked with a friend

We talked and then

It was night

And when I laid my head down

And turned off the light

I knew

That was a good day

And good days


A good life

I stretch and I yawn

And see another day gone

And I smile

As my head hits the pillow




About the poem:

Of all the things we learn, why aren’t we taught how to have a good life. Not how to chase a good life. Not how to make money or gain power. But how to have a single good day, every day, and thus, voila, a good life! (ps It requires no money, no special training, no friends, no good luck, no religion.)


About the poet:

Joan Gregerson is author of Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life.


Poem: Celestial Being…an ode to the Supermoon

I can’t get away
You’re a neon sign that says, It’s gonna be ok.
Tonight, it’s all okaaaaay.
Perfectly swirled
It’s ok in my world
A soft shining pillow to lay by head
Who needs a bed?
Stay in the park
Embraced by the dark
What do you want?
What do you hide?
There you glide
No agenda
No needs
Pull me up
Fill me up
Smooth me out
Calm me down
And seeing
Is believing
So this is
Celestial being

About the poem
This moon has got me. So damn alluring! How about you?

Poem: Twinkle


Twinkle twinkle little star
The way you shine
You don’t seem far
You feel more real
Than the highway or my car
Twinkle twinkle little star

About the poem:
Driving home tonight after work and grocery shopping, Venus and the moon dotted the sky. Their points of light made the manmade lights all around seem somehow insignificant.

About the author:
Buy Joan’s books on Amazon.com and Kindle, and bring some points of light onto your nightstand.

Poem: A Chilly Night

The jubilance of
Beer drinking
Loud music
Friends singing
(Or was it shouting)
None of this warmed
The huddled woman
Sleeping on the concrete
Covered head to toe
With a thin blanket
On a chilly night

About the poem:
Have you ever heard of a bicycle bar? You can get together with 15 of your friends and pedal around downtown Denver drinking the on-board keg. It seemed pretty fun, even though it was really cold there last night, on the 16th Street Mall.

But as I walked on, smiling at the scene, I nearly stepped on a homeless woman sleeping on the ground. She was completely covered but was moving around, trying to get warm or comfortable.

The two scenes were completely incongruous. I could not summarize the situation. I left a banana and some bus passes, sent warm thoughts and hurried home. On a chilly night.

We often complain about such little stuff, but forget to be thankful for a warm bed and a fully belly, on a chilly night. And figure out how to be compassionate to those who don’t.

Poem: Sleep Out On the Balcony


Drag out the yellowed foam pads
Eggcarton shape, unwieldy
And sleeping bags
Brown and green outside
With ducks and cattail print flannel inside

Zip the sleeping bags together
To make room for two or three kids

Arrange and rearrange
Endlessly change
The layout
On the green artifical turf

Night fall
Watch the stars
And the clouds
And hope it won’t rain

Talk about boys
Wonder if they could
Climb the rope ladder
To sneak up here

If they knew we cared
That is

Tiptoe back inside
Past snoring mom and dad
Go in for water
And go in to pee
One trip
Encourages another

The screen door slams
Behind us
One too many times

Like a mummy
Says loudly
And sternly
“You kids
Need to go to sleep

Finally quiet
In our bags
The awesomeness of the idea
Disappears suddenly
When a strange noise is heard.
And then fear overtakes all
When no noise at all is heard.

All kids end up in a scared bundle
In one double bag
Convinced it will be better
To be together

The only sound now
Is the buzz of a mosquito or two
One wonders if the mosquitos will bite?
No, we are too sly
We will tuck our heads
Down into the protection of the flannel ducks

But when morning breaks
We are freezing
The pad
The sleeping bag
The kids
All askew
The plastic green carpet
Damp with morning dew
The green artificial turf strands
Poke our cheeks
And dent our skin
In enviable patterns

We count each mosquito bite
As an itchy trophy
Who has the most bites?
25! 56! No way! Count again! 63! Let me count!
Who won?
The mosquitoes!

We are damp and itchy
Cold and hungry
And really have to pee

And that’s how it always ends
When we
Sleep out on the balcony


About the poem:
Staying at the house where I grew up, when I turn a corner or see something, suddenly I remember something like this! The many many nights we slept out on the balcony, with our sibl

Poem: One and a Million Stars

The one star
Fuels my day
Makes me feel proud
To get things done
Powers me
So I run
Here and there
Ticking  off items on my list
You get the gist…

But at night
Under a clear sky
A million stars
Remind me of so many
Who have looked up
Before me
Just as I’m doing tonight

A million stars
Remind me
Of those who came up with
The Big Dipper
The Seven Sisters
Orion’s Belt
They all know how I felt

A million stars
Remind me
That soon I’ll be gone

A million stars
Show me
That if I’m lucky
My light will go on
For awhile



About the poem:
Tonight, the sky is so clear. And being away from the city lights, the millions of stars decorate the sky. In an undeniable reminder, the night sky is telling me about something much bigger than the time shown on my phone. I am in awe and I’m wondering. And I’m thankful and I’m smiling.


Poem: Flying through the Night …on a B-Cycle in Denver

2013-08 Flying Through the Night

Pedaling my bike
Sailing through pools of street light
Flying through the night

About the poem:
I wrote this poem in May in South Korea. But this week, riding my bike at night from Denver Botanic Gardens to my friendly Starbucks on 2nd and Fillmore in Cherry Creek, Denver, I felt the same exhilaration! Okay, it’s not actually my bike. I pay $80 for the year and can check out the rental B-Cycles anytime, anywhere. Perhaps that also is part of the feeling of freedom.

I hope you are also flying through these summer nights!


Poem: Walking Me Home

2013-08-23 Moon and Street Crossing

I was on the verge of lonely
Walking home
Dark streets
All to myself

But at the end of every block
You are there
My big brother moon
Acting all big
Like you don’t care
But you are there
Waiting for me
Walking me home

About the poem:

Last week when I was out on an early evening walk with my friends, the two-year-old said, “Hey, the moon is going on the walk with us.” And each time it came into view again, he exclaimed, “See, there it is! It’s following us!”

His mom and I smiled, considered a complicated explanation, and instead we had to agree, “Yes, you’re right!”

Walking home tonight near midnight on deserted sidewalks, I too, kept seeing the moon appear. It was quite low, so it was just at the end of the block, or occasionally through a break in the trees, that it would peek through. I’d tried to call a friend earlier but couldn’t reach him, and was missing him. But when I saw the moon, it felt strangely reassuring and friendly…I guess, it’s been walking people home for thousands of years!

Poem: Walk Anyway


Even though
It’s dark
And it’s raining
I’m not gonna
Sit home
Antsy and stiff
And uneasy

I’m gonna go out
And walk
In the dark
In the rain
And feel free

About the poem:

Tonight, I had a hard time getting out of the house for my night time walk. I got going later than I wanted to, and then it started to rain. I was about ready to skip it, but decided to go!

How many things in life do we skip doing because of perceived discomfort? What little things are stopping us from pursuing our dreams? Wouldn’t the feeling of freedom and purpose be better than the minor discomforts we might experience getting there?

Poem: Flying Through the Night (photo)


Pedaling my bike
Sailing through pools of street light
Flying through the night

About the poem:

I wrote this poem in May. Now, the weather is so hot and humid, you feel sticky just walking around. But hopping on my bike at night …omigosh, heavenly! Suddenly cool and dry and feelin’ goood!

Poem: Ferry Me


The ship accepts my gasping dream
Ten hours at sea
Ferry me

The breeze greets my broken heart
Sea air delivery
Ferry me

The night sky meets my weary eyes
Timeless and forgiving
Ferry me

About the poem:
I rode the overnight ferry from Samcheonpo to Jeju-do, here in South Korea. Nature is a healer, again and again.  This time, aboard the ferry, I had the chance to lay down on a bench and just watch the night sky. It was a clear, starry night …unusual for this part of the world where rain, mist and high humidity often obscure the view. And being out away from the city lights, the stars were magnificent. On my way to meet a friend, feeling the summer breeze and being absorbed into the sky, I was ferried powerfully to where I want to be. Feeling at peace, and happy, and at one with all.

Even when we were getting ready to board, it was refreshing to be with others, all of us having busted out of our daily rituals to make the voyage. The trip began at 10:30 pm Friday night. And with a bed on board, after time watching the night sky, I slept and woke up at my destination at 7 am on Saturday morning! Woohoo! The trip was better than I’d hoped!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books, hoping to ferry you to a peaceful, joyful life. If you haven’t figured out a way to get there, feel free to try the tips she has accumulated and shares. Books on Amazon and Kindle!

Poem: Flying through the night …a Haiku

Pedaling my bike
Sailing through pools of street light
Flying through the night

About the poem:
What freedom! Do you know when I lived in Saudi Arabia, riding my bike was the biggest thing I missed? Now, riding my bike around town on summer nights …flying like a crazy witch on a broom. Great!