Poem: The New Normal Isn’t NaPoWriMo #13


Waking to a new world

Where fake news is real

And real news is fake

Where leaders destroy

And destroyers lead

And the powerful get more power

And the least among us

Lose even more

And that’s nearly all of us now

The 1% have more than the 50%

One is developing resorts

The other can’t pay rent

Those with the least rights

Are losing more too

Standing up against abuse

Makes a target of you

I’ll never say, oh well

I’ll continue to yell

I’ll never say, what’s the use

I don’t know if what I say matters to anyone else

But it matters to me

I’m sorry if you tire of it

But I never will

Everyday when I wake up

To another day of this new world

I will loudly say

The new normal






About the poem:

If you’re not clear on income inequality, it’s not surprising. It’s a new phenomenon that has literally changed everything about what’s possible in the U.S. Beginning in about 1994, the 1% top earned more than the bottom 50%.

Here’s a link to a December 2016 article in CNN Money. If you haven’t yet watched the movie “Inequality for All”, I highly recommend you do so. It’s going to make you feel a lot better because Robert Reich explains it so well. And you’re going to feel worse, because it’s bad. And as the article above reports, it’s getting worse. And that was before the current administration came in.

Apathy got us here. Smart, strategic, tenacious engagement is the only thing that will get us out.

Jeff Sessions has ordered reviews of plans to help mitigate and correct problems in local police forces.  Rolling back police reform is just one more of the truly evil and anti-American moves by this new Administration. You can be pro-police, anti-police-corruption, anti-police-violence, and pro-black-lives. But there is money to be made in criminal systems, detention systems, and the militarization of local police forces.

Who is supposed to work for  the least among us? Christians? Average Americans? Country folk? Anyone??? It needs to be each of us.

Attorney Jeff Sessions Plans to Roll  Back Decades of Police Reform (April 2017, The Intercept)


Reich: We will save everything we love.

I first fell in love with Robert Reich while watching the movie, “Inequality for All”. Funny, because I had earlier fallen in love with an Economics Prof who was talking about the same thing. It’s just that when Robert Reich explained it in that movie, I finally got it.

I follow Robert Reich on Facebook and most days try to watch his “Resistance Report” videos. They’re a great way to get a recap of the highlights in what I call, America’s  Experiment in Tyranny.

In today’s episode, Robert Reich recommended a few resources:

  1. “1984”, book by George Orwell
  2. Originals of Totalitarianism, book by Hannah Arendt
  3. IndivisibleGuide.com, website by former congressional staffers on how to make Congress listen. Recommended as a resource for effective organizing


Mr. Reich ended his video today with these words:

“We will save everything we love about America. Do no despair. Have the faith. Keep the faith.”