Poem: Limbnastics NaPoWriMo #17 Haiku

tree climbing kid-1737737_1920

forest gymnastics

searching, stretching, balancing

playground limbnastics





About the poem:

I was with friends yesterday in the park. The boys climbed the tree and I was thrown back into the many incredible memories of being in trees. The apple tree in our backyard that we’d climb up in and eat our PBJ sandwiches. The orchard of crab apple trees that were low enough for even little kids to crawl into. The trees in Costa Rica that we swung from the vines in the rainforest. What playful friends the trees are.

Poem: Spring Styles



Here I stand shivering
Not a leaf left quivering
Wondering what you’re whipping up
The clouds and storms you’re flipping up
Wondering what you’ll bring
Oh spring
Go ahead, take your time, but
I’m nakedly awaiting your design
Oh spring

About the poem:
This little tree looks so naked, standing on the plains. Days ago it was 60F, but this morning it was blustery and snowing. By sunset, this was the view. Does a tree look forward to new spring fashions? 🙂

Poem: Compared to a Sky of Blue



All the emails waiting
For me
Are nothing
Compared to a towering tree

All the facts and figures
I know
Are nothing
Compared to the glistening snow

Proposals, deadlines and reports
That are due
Are nothing
Compared to a sky of blue

About the poem:
In my Sahaja Meditation class I learned that gazing at the sky for a minute was a great way to refresh and reconnect with the peaceful oneness. On these winter days, when it’s bitter cold, I’m not spending much time outdoors. But at lunch, I made a point to get out of the office and get a change of scenery. When I saw this tree, I stopped to gaze at it and immediately felt about 100 times better. Respecting nature as an always-ready healer extraordinaire makes life about 100 times easier. Haha

What tricks do you have for coming back to that calm, centered place in the midst of a busy workday?

Poem: Watching the Leaves Fall

DSC03285 2013-10-17 Watching the leaves fall Dexter

Yellow and brown
Falling down
The summer tree
That shaded me
Gave it all away
On an October day

About the poem:
My housemate Dexter impresses me with his ability to spend his entire day (happily?) doing the simplest things. Watching the leaves fall is his latest priority. So, I sat down next to him and I too, watched the leaves fall. Nature teaches us that things come and go, that time passes, and that to live boldly does not mean that we will somehow avoid losing what we gained. It teaches us that we will lose every thing. So, what continues on is the love in our hearts, season after season, day after day. It is the constant beneath all the activities and things we do. Watching the leaves fall reminds me to not grieve what is lost, but to expect that things come and go, to remember that we never really have anything or anyone, and thus to savor the the present, in all it’s glory. Thanks Dexter and the tree for my lesson today! 🙂


About the author:
Joan Gregerson is the author of two books on Amazon and Kindle, and another book in the works (tastyyear.wordpress.com). When she is not watching the leaves fall, she is busily sharing her passion and tips for enjoying life day by day, moment by moment.


Poem: I’ll Be Your Tree


I must confess
When you said,
“I’ll be your tree”
I was not impressed
I wanted someone to rescue me
To hear my SOS
I wanted someone to swoop in
And clean up my mess
A tree? That’s all you got?

But today
The sun was a mallet
That shattered my morning plans
And left my thoughts as broken splinters
And I was a little lost

Then, I went to you
Sat in your shade
Leaned on you
In the silence
Became cool and strong
And was healed

Next time you need a friend
Okay, okay, I agree
I’ll be your tree

About the poem:

Dang, there are some big, beautiful trees in the Cherry Creek and Congress Park neighborhoods in Denver. And friendship and support, come in all varieties of healing. I tend to be the more dynamic person, but sometimes flee or give up. A tree, on the other hand, well, it’s just there as silent, strong support. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.